Visualizatio in colorWelcome to My Visualization Station! I encourage you to stay awhile and read up on what I have to share on my Blog page. I’m sure what you’ll find here will enhance your life and bring an awareness to your creative power.

There’s an amazing amount of information available on goal setting and goal achievement; what you’ll find here will be unique with respect to how visualization, colored by sound, will provide a positive environment for your creative mind.

Visualization is the gift I have to share and sound is the wrapper it’s held in.

There are many things we can create using visualization; tangible and intangible. Visualization of the tangible consists of…cars, money, a house, etc. Visualization of the intangible consists of…thinking, love, attitude, etc. and will excite your creative ability.

Being able to see your desire in your minds eye makes it real; surrounding your desire with sound makes it colorful and vibrant!

All the information provided here will be in support of Positive Thinking, Personal Growth and a new awareness. The exciting element we will be adding to an already well known genre is…sound; adding sound to the practice of understanding the Universal Law’s, positive thinking, goal creation, and the like…will catapult you to a higher degree of understanding and successful action.

So!…Let’s go!

Read the articles on my Blog page and please be sure to comment; communication is encouraged!

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