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In an earlier Blog Post on Visualization Goal Setting, I wrote about Visualization Techniques you can use to start practicing how to visualize.

In that article, I defined Visualization as… the formation of a mental image of something; then, I gave some examples of how to visualize. In this article, I’m introducing the element of sound.

My article on Visualization Sound Therapy goes into some detail breaking down the method and approach to my creation of Visualization Sound Therapy.

The audio for visualization is instrumental in fusing the image of your desire to your sub-conscious mind. I will go over a few areas of sound augmentation as it relates to visualization and more importantly,…how it relates to you! A few general areas are…

    • Healing Sound Frequencies
    • Instrumental Healing Music
    • Healing Nature Sounds

Healing Sound Frequency

The following healing sound frequency selections were specifically chosen to be used during Visualization Sound Therapy secession’s at The Sound Mound.

These audio selections are available at Mind Vibrations and titled using the same name as the healing frequency.

At any given time,…you may be in harmony with one particular tone or frequency.

During a visualization secession, one tone or frequency may be more effective than another due to circumstances and personal vibration.

    • 174 Hz – This frequency is influential in emotional and physical healing. The 174 Hz tone is considered a natural anesthetic, relieving physical pain through deep relaxation, and also provides mental stability by giving our internal ecosystem a greater sense of security and comfort.
    • 285 Hz – This frequency promotes the healing of tissue which may have been damaged  by bruising or laceration. Also,…285 Hz is said to rejuvenate the body and mind and boost energy levels.
    • 396 Hz – The 396 Hz frequency cleanses guilt and fear, liberating you from the burden of these obstacles that prevent you achieving goals and fulfilling your potential.
    • 417 Hz – This frequency washes away negative memories and influences from our mind and soul. The 417 Hz frequency helps us change our perspective and face the present moment with renewed spirit.
    • 432 Hz 432 Hz music is said to help release emotional blockages, increase mental clarity, unlock intuition and align you with the universe. This special frequency is at the heart of nature, our biology, and DNA, and is affectionately referred to as the ‘heartbeat of the planet’.
    • 528 Hz – The 528 Hz frequency is the most significant of the Solfeggio frequencies. Known as the “love” frequency, it has a deep-rooted relationship with nature, and is present in everything from Chlorophyll to human DNA. Its vibrations connect and resonate with everything within us and around us, on both a material and spiritual level.
    • 639 Hz – This frequency emanates peace and harmony in our relations with the people around us and promotes the smoothing of instability and resentment with loved ones.  The 639 Hz tone aids in helping us give, attract and receive love.
    • 741 Hz – The 741 Hz tone is the frequency of problem solving. Specifically,…problems relating to self-expression; promoting a healthier more stable life, removing emotional restrictions, toxins and electromagnetic radiation from your cells
    • 852 Hz – This frequency enables us to connect to higher consciousness and the ever-present spirit of the universe. The 852 Hz tone aligns us with our higher self, enabling access to insight and intuition.

Instrumental Healing Music

This area of sound augmentation will be your personal preference based on the music genre you like to listen to  and possibly the instruments you favor. It’s important to understand the reference to ‘Instrumental’ vs. ‘Lyrical’ .

The main reason for recommending Instrumental healing music selections as compared to an audio frequency selection with lyrics, is that words will distract from your visualization focus.

When you hear words you begin to think about their meaning, their context and other things that will veer you off track of your desire.

Fixating on the tonality of a particular instrument will sharpen your beam of focus.

As an example, I’ll share a few instrumental selections I like to listen to while visualizing. Once again, I gravitate towards a specific tonality and instrument selection as you will; then again, you might like these…


In my opinion, the register of the cello is mesmerizing; this instrument is…hands down…my favorite instrument to listen to. This particular CD, by the 2Cellos, is dynamic; covering an entire spectrum of feelings and intensity of emotion

With respect to the topic of Audio for Visualization, the music on this CD is sure to bring your desire into focus. Actually,…I’ve found that listening to this CD, or any 2Cello CD, conditions and opens up  my mind; I usually become emotionally involved in the piece being played.

When I first started listening to these guys play their cellos, I was hooked; I’d listen for pure enjoyment. Then,…I discovered the pictures I saw when I closed my eyes; they were scenes actually.

The selection Thunderstruck, originally by AC/DC, got my immediate attention. I felt like a conductor in charge of an orchestra or an engineer in charge of a locomotive; a very purposeful, controlled feeling.

Then,…The Trooper (Overture), with elements of the William Tell Overture with a bit of angst. I’d classify this selection as a rock piece with a classical backdrop. I like The Trooper and would use it as one of the pieces at the end my visualization routine; to pump my up!

A very moving piece on this CD is Shape of My heart. This selection is a communication between the two cellos and can be used as core element during a visualization routine. The lower register melody, complementary treble accompaniment and staccato combine to deliver a very focused range of tonality.

The remaining selections on this CD are just as amazing as the three I’ve highlighted here. Do yourself a big favor and at least listen to the selections from the Amazon application; click on the CD and hear what I mean.


Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project – Book and CD Set

Believe it or not, music has the power to heal. This audio CD…Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project – Book and CD Set by,…Michael S. Tyrrell, has 7 CD’s with each representing a separate healing frequency.

The songs in this collection are unique compositions, wonderfully written and recorded by professional musicians inspired by spirit. These frequencies have been known by many as healing frequencies used by people from biblical times to the present.

Healing from the Harp

This audio CD of Harp tonality has a very airy feel to it. The melodies are simple and recognizable while sharing angelic phrasing that is classic to the harp.

On the selection The Sacred Waterfall, the melody actually sounds like a waterfall; very soothing and perfect for a precursor to a visualization exercise.

In contrast, The Rose delivers a different type of emotion to me; probably because I’ve seen the movie many times. This is a powerful and peaceful piece at the same time. The delicate rose pushing through the hardened earth definitely sets up a strong foundation for a visualization that leads to a strong manifestation.

Healing Nature Sounds

This section of audio frequencies is probably the most popular because of familiarity.

Most people have heard birds chirping, a waterfall, rain, a storm, and other sounds of nature; healing nature sounds are everywhere.

Again, as mentioned above within the healing sound frequency section, at any given time you may be in harmony with a particular tonality or frequency during one secession and a completely different tonality or frequency during another secession; this is due to changing circumstances and the vibration you’re in.


Calming Rain and Distant Thunder: Brings You Relaxation and Sleep

This CD set is exactly what it implies. If you’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to the sounds of rain accompanied by distant thunder, then the audio on this CD set will be very familiar to you.

I live in Southwest Florida and I love falling asleep to sound of rain and thunder during the raining season here. When the rainy season is over, I miss that sound; I play the audio equivalent through my speakers and I’m soothed to sleep.

As a focal point during visualization, this audio is very calming; providing the environment necessary for your mind to imagine your desire.


Healing Waters – Streams & Waterfalls: Nature Sounds For Sleep, Massage Therapy, Relaxation

The sound of flowing water is one of the most comforting sounds in nature; no rain, no thunder… just flowing water from a stream or waterfall.

For me, listening to the sound of flowing water is similar to watching the flicker of flame. Every sound you hear and flicker you see is different from the last; no repeats.

You will not be disappointed listening to water flowing during your visualization exercise; riding on this audio wave will surely aid you in crystallizing your desire.

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