Visualization Sound Therapy

Visualization Sound Therapy is coming. Actually,…its already here but currently residing in thought, not yet manifested.

So, let’s play with this for a bit; let’s breakdown this Visualization Sound Therapy.

In order to explain what Visualization Sound Therapy is, I’d like to start by separating the phrase; that way, you can understand how I came up with my approach to developing a procedure that will transform how we approach the manifestation of an idea; we create what we think about.Read More

Book Reviews

My Favorite Books for Personal Growth and Awareness

I have read many books under the general heading of Personal Growth. Within the Personal Growth genre however, there are many topics titled to entertain the reader and spark curiosity and thought.

As a result of reading the books for Personal Growth listed in this Blog, I thought it necessary to provide reviews on these books from the perspective of devout student; living and breathing the knowledge in these books and in the process of developing a new awareness.Read More

Positive Thinking and Attitude

Positive ThinkingPositive thinking is a decision away.You can decide to think positive thoughts right now! Go ahead – think of something positive, uplifting, something that makes you smile. Now,…while you’re thinking that positive thought that’s making you smile, hold it tight and try to feel bad – it’s not gonna happen; positive thoughts beat negative thoughts every time, hands down.Read More