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My Favorite Books for Personal Growth and Awareness

I have read many books under the general heading of Personal Growth. Within the Personal Growth genre however, there are many topics titled to entertain the reader and spark curiosity and thought.

As a result of reading the books for Personal Growth listed in this Blog, I thought it necessary to provide reviews on these books from the perspective of devout student; living and breathing the knowledge in these books and in the process of developing a new awareness.

For the last 30 years, I’ve been in pursuit of a vague need to understand myself; why I made the choices I made…

I began reading Personal Growth and Self Help books while involved in a network marketing business – I read many books and retained few; I actually gave them away when my business failed.

Then, a few months ago, I was reintroduced to every book of my past, and a few more; with a new found desire, I devoured every one! Some of my favorite books on personal growth and awareness are listed below.

The first book I read that put me back on my quest for Personal Growth and Awareness was,…

The Secret… by, Rhonda Byrne

The Secret book review you’re about to read is a little different than most. Since this review is written by me, I’ll be writing from a ‘book study’ perspective. I’m determined to share the curiosity this book instilled in me to consider another path to personal enrichment and awareness.

The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne, started me down a road I’m grateful to be on. The movie, of the same name, was first to be released to the public in early 2006 and the book came out next in late 2006; The Secret is predominately about the Law of Attraction (a secondary Law of Vibration).

The layout of the book follows the movie very closely – meaning, in the movie,…the general flow was from one of the featured speakers to…a visual interpretation of the speakers point then, on to another speaker and their corresponding visual interpretation, and so on.

I watched the movie first; then, I read the book. During my 3rd time through the movie, I started to pause, start, and rewind several times to see what was being flashed on the screen during the beginning narration. What I saw, as I paused the movie, were…book covers and books opened up to specific pages. I wrote down what I saw and researched book titles, phrases, and references to other writings and authors; I discovered…The Science of Getting Rich, As A Man Thinketh, The Master Key System, and The Emerald Tablet (4 of these 5, I’ve reviewed here).

What interested me most about The Secret was the group of people that were assembled for the book and movie. Each one had a powerful message in their own ‘voice’ and a real belief in their message; I felt a connection with each one. I was driven to take a step further into the research of each ‘speaker’ and found them to be committed to what they were ‘preaching’. The person that stood out the most for me was Bob Proctor; I enjoyed each speaker but I eagerly awaited Bob’s next ‘scene’ or, page in the book.

I was drawn in to Bob Proctor’s message above all others. Because of watching The Secret DVD and reading the book, I committed to studying the main message in the book, The Law of Attraction, as well as the other messages  like, the 7 Universal Laws, Visualization, Positive Thinking, Paradigms, and a host of others. Bob Proctor has been studying this information consistently for the last 50+ years; I respect his dedication and commitment.

If you’re a curious person, interested in improving your quality of life, click here to find out more on The Secret. If, after reading the book or watching the movie, you find yourself doing a Google search on Bob Proctor, Law of Attraction or, some other interest fueled by The Secret…keep going; dig in and get ready for the ride of your life! If however, you’re not moved to…move…then, that’s ok; pick up the book later on down your road…it’ll be waiting for you!


The Science of Getting Rich… by, Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich was the book Rhonda Byrne read that ultimately sparked the desire in her to film making of The Secret. Rhonda’s daughter, Hailey, gave her this book to help with her moms depression after the loss of her father. From reading this book, she discovered positive thinking, the laws of attraction, and  other universal laws of life.

The Science of Getting Rich was written in 1911 by Wallace D. Wattles. The language, vocabulary, and style of writing penned by Wallace Wattles is captivating; I read the book several times to make sure I clearly understood the philosophy. One very odd thing about this original version of the book is,…throughout the Introduction, Preface and all 17 Chapters,…there are no page numbers!

In the first chapter of the book the author points out a persons ‘right’ to be rich. A right to be rich based on one’s right to life…and free unrestricted use of all the things necessary to live life to it’s fullest! In order to use all the things one must use,…one must have all the things necessary to use; it takes money to have all the things you need.

The second chapter states that there is a Science to Getting Rich; an exact science like algebra or arithmetic. There are certain laws that govern the process of getting rich and…once you learn, follow, and obey these laws riches will follow with mathematical certainty.

The remaining chapters 3 – 15  deal specifically with the laws that govern the science of getting rich; as previously stated,…once you learn, follow, and obey these laws riches will follow with mathematical certainty. So,…read, re-read and study these chapters. You may read a particular chapter for a few days,…that’s ok; the rewards are massive!

The last two chapters cover Concluding Observations, Cautions and a Summary of the Science of Getting Rich. These last two chapters are ‘wrappers’ for all preceding chapters; heed to these observations and cautions. You can buy this book here and, in summary,…create in your mind what you want in your hand!


As A Man Thinketh… by, James Allen 

As a Man Thinketh, written in 1903,  is a book of few words generating many,…many thoughts. Basically, the message in this book is…we are what we think about.

The book has a Forward followed by 7 chapters. The Forward, written by James Allen, is short and sweet as is the rest of the book, but packs a powerful message…“men and women are the makers of themselves by virtue of the thoughts they choose”.

In the first chapter, Thought and Character, Allen quickly and clearly describes the relationship between our thoughts and our character. He writes…“a man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts”; that man is the master of thought, molding his own character. When we’re positive, happy, elated… we thought our way there; likewise, when we’re negative, sad, depressed…we thought our way there as well.

The next couple chapters deal with the effect thought has on our circumstances, our health, and our body. Since circumstance is a condition, fact or event that determines another…in the context of this chapter, our thoughts create our circumstances! The way we think will result in the way we are; if we think we’re going to get a cold because it’s the ‘season’ for it,…we’ll attract a cold. If you think you’re overweight, you are…and you’ll remain in that state.

The chapter on Thought and Purpose….


The Master Key System…by, Charles F. Haanel

The Master Key System is a very unique book. There are 24  chapters, or parts, in the book; each one being a stand alone lesson and each lesson must be mastered, in succession, before the next one can begin. A questionnaire and glossary accompany the lessons in this unabridged original edition.

More to come…


Think and Grow Rich…by, Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich was the brain-child of Napoleon Hill. As the story goes,…Napoleon was a reporter, assigned to interview Andrew Carnegie, at that time, the richest man in the world. Unbeknownst to Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie was conducting his own interview! Carnegie was looking for someone to document the process by which riches and wealth is attained; Carnegie knew how to attain riches and wealth. In short, Carnegie tasked Hill to interview hundreds of wealthy men over 20 plus years; this book was the result of his labor.


The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham…by, Esther Hicks


The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships…by, Esther Hicks

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