Positive Thinking and Attitude

Positive ThinkingPositive thinking is a decision away.You can decide to think positive thoughts right now! Go ahead – think of something positive, uplifting, something that makes you smile. Now,…while you’re thinking that positive thought that’s making you smile, hold it tight and try to feel bad – it’s not gonna happen; positive thoughts beat negative thoughts every time, hands down.

This is a very powerful exercise and you’re going to use it frequently when adjusting your attitude. Positive thinking is…the key to maintaining a strong positive attitude.

Positive thinking and attitude; they go hand in hand. You can not talk about one without the other. There’s only one sure way to lasting success and achievement, thinking you can succeed and achieve. No one else has the power to lift you up or keep you down; you’e got that power all to yourself, for yourself. You are in control of you! 

Your attitude is the single most important thing you can control; and you are in control…

Now,…if you’re anything like me, you probably consider yourself a relatively positive person and maintain a good attitude most of the time – I get it…me too. However, I want to impress upon you the need to control your attitude; be consciously aware of your attitude and keep it positive.

Have you ever tried to accomplish a task when your attitude is in the dirt?…your end result was probably sub-par, if you completed your task at all. Negative thoughts and negative attitudes distract; positive thoughts and positive attitudes attract. In other words, negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive.

You name it,…goal setting, goal achieving, fantasizing, imagining…all the things you do – need to be done with a positive attitude.

When you understand what attitude is and how attitudes are formed, you’ll begin to see that only a small percentage of people are in control of their attitude. Most people have attitudes that have been shaped by the news, other people, and situations of their past.

So what is attitude?…and how can you use your attitude to shift any aspect of your life.


Why Positive Attitude is Important?

Now,…let’s dig in to attitude and why positive attitude is important. In the context of positive thinking, attitude is defined as…a mental position, feeling or emotion toward a fact or state. Your attitude is composed of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Here’s a breakdown on how each of these factors affect your attitude:


  • Thoughts: You have the ability to accept, reject or ignore any idea that flows into you conscious mind. When an idea is either rejected or ignored, it will have no effect on your physical body; if it is accepted, your subconscious mind has to accept it.
  • Feelings: Positive emotions or feelings will be expressed if the internalized idea is positive; if it’s negative, your emotions or feelings will be negative.
  • Actions: The body reacts to the mind. The conscious and subconscious mind working together are expressed through the body.

Any idea impressed upon the subconscious mind must be expressed through vibrations of the body. When that vibration becomes strong, the body must move into action.

When your thoughts and feelings are in harmony, that order will be expressed in your actions. You will be calm, focused and productive.


How to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

Now that we know what an attitude is, and how important a positive attitude is…let’s learn how to maintain a positive mental attitude and keep it!

A positive attitude is something you work at,…everyday. We need to put a conscious effort into maintaining a positive attitude. Now, before we get into how to keep your attitude positive, lets quickly address why?

To start with, keeping a positive attitude is healthy,…literally. 

A University of Kansas study found that smiling and laughing reduces heart rate and blood pressure during stressful situations; even fake smiling! So try a few minutes of TV or YouTube humor when you’re fuming over a work or family situation or stomping your feet waiting in a long line.

A positive and negative thought can not reside in the mind at the same time so,…pick a positive one! 

Some of the health benefits resulting from having a positive attitude may include:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • A more robust immune system
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • A healthier heart and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during times of stress

It’s unclear why people with positive attitudes experience these health benefits. One theory is that having a positive attitude enables you to cope better with stressful situations, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on your body.

It’s also thought that positive and optimistic people tend to live healthier lifestyles…they:

  • Get more physical activity
  • Follow a healthier diet
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol in excess

Instead of stressing about a traffic jam, for instance, appreciate the fact that you can afford a car and get to spend a few extra minutes listening to music or the news, accepting that there is absolutely nothing you can do about the traffic.

To maintain a positive mental attitude you must be committed to making a decision to always be on the lookout for the negative coming at you; be aware. As I’ve stated above, you can either accept, reject, or ignore any stimulus that comes into you conscious mind. Words, actions, events,…anything and everything has a cause and corresponding effect (the Law of Cause and Effect).


How to be a Positive Thinker

Consistently thinking positive thoughts is the single most important thing we can be doing.

To think positive thoughts consistently is going to take time and practice; after all, you’re creating a new habit. Here are tips on how to be a Positive Thinker and behave in a more positive way:

  • Identify areas to change: Identify any negative areas of your life. Start by focusing on one area to approach in a more positive way.
  • Check yourself: Stop and evaluate what you’re thinking. Reject any negative thought or vibration and replace it with a positive one.
  • Be open to humor: Seek out humor, smile, laugh, …especially during difficult times; more laughing, less stress.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle: Exercise about 30 minutes a day, follow a healthy diet, and learn stress management techniques.
  • Surround yourself with positive people: Positive, supportive people you can depend on to give helpful advice and feedback.
  • Practice positive self-talk: Encourage yourself, think about things you’re thankful for in your life.

Now,…let’s be realistic; negative situations will happen. We have control over how we respond to a negative situation; we can accept it, ignore it, or…reject it. I strongly suggest either ignoring or rejecting that negative situation; just push that negative out, replace it with something positive right away!

Easier said than done? Well,…don’t knock it until you try it; but, try it! The next time you find yourself in a negative situation or you feel your attitude changing from good to bad,…STOP! Get control of your thoughts.

You’ll need be aware that something caused this negative situation or, the effect. In a previous post, Universal Laws and the Rules Explained, I wrote about the Law of Cause and Effect; this is it right here. Something causes the situation and we experience the effect. Now,…just those few moments reflecting on what caused that effect will help you to stop the negative progression.

The next step is critical…find something good when understanding the cause. 

For example,…being in a minor traffic accident while you’re running late could be frustrating to say the least. You find out, the cause was due to the fact that the brakes on the car that hit you began to fail while coming to a stop. The good side to this? There’s a few,…no one got hurt, everyone has insurance, this didn’t happen on the highway!

So, stay positive! I know it’s work and hard to do sometimes but,…do it anyway!

You’ll be attracting positive vibrations  that will help you stay in a good place; the more you practice this the better you’ll get and the better you get, the happier you’ll be.


“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

-Willie Nelson



9 thoughts on “Positive Thinking and Attitude”


I’ve done a lot of study and practice on this topic and it’s one of my favorites. Your approach is great, with great content.

Many times all we have to do is stop…be in the moment…say thank you and move on.

    Joseph Tomaselli

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks for your comment Beth! Yes, I agree; gratitude is the key…as you said, be in the moment and be grateful and thankful for all we have. Again, thank you!


Ruthlyn Bailey

Hi Joseph I agree with you, we have to have positive thoughts, I know that been negative and having negative thoughts can lead to serious illness, negative l thoughts leads to depression.

And being depressed can cause other illness like high blood pressure and much more. as you stated.a

So let’s be positive, in thoughts, actions and attitudes.

Thank you for your post. Wishing you success.

    Joseph Tomaselli

    Hi Ruthlyn,

    Thank you for your comment! Staying positive takes commitment and work but,…the payoff is phenomenal!. Thanks again…



I love that you mentioned a “decision away” and informing us that we are responsible for our own happiness and thinking. So many people do not believe that they have complete control of their own happiness.

Such a simple attainable idea. Everything is that simple because it is first a thought and thoughts can be changed easily.

So true about fake smiles, fake it until you make it. I tried it as I was reading your post and it did make me feel a bit happier and brighter. So cool!

I practice every day to be more positive for many reasons, one being the health benefits and it just feels so much better than being negative and bitter. It has paid off also, my health is improving and life is more enjoyable.

Thanks for such an informative post.

    Joseph Tomaselli

    Hi Cindy!…Well, thank you so much for your kind words :). I’m happy to hear the ‘fake smile’ worked for you…I use that one often. Some time back, I had a poster of a smiling face stapled to the ceiling in by bedroom so, when I woke up that was the first thing I saw; i immediately smiled! Also,…at a sales position I had, I wrote the word SMILE on a piece of paper and tapped it to the hand receiver of the phone so, before I answered the phone I smiled; that really paid off. Keep on practicing that positive attitude because it IS work in the beginning but, after awhile,…it’ll who you are! Thanks again…



Great article. This has been one of the my key focusses of late. It’s often mistunderstood just how great an impact that positive thinking has on us. Just a simple switch (I know easier said than done) can have a great beneficial impact on our lives. And the more we do it, the easier it gets.

All the best,

    Joseph Tomaselli

    Thank you Gareth! You’re absolutely right!,…we have the power to accept, reject or ignore any stimulus that comes our way; be it positive or negative. It’s a simple decision (or, simple switch as you put it); in the beginning stages of change, it takes conscious thought…you know you’ve got a handle on it when you do it sub-consciously! Thanks again…


Joseph Tomaselli

Hey Jesse! Thank you :),…I’m happy to hear some tips I wrote about will be helpful to you. Please check in now and then, I’m sure there will more for you to enjoy 🙂


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