Visualization Goal Setting – Conceive, Believe, Receive!

VisualizationConceive, Believe, Receive!

Visualization Goal Setting may be a new concept for you to consider,…it was for me. In the past, I set a goal for my self and worked the steps I thought necessary to achieve my goal. I was usually disappointed with the results because I didn’t really understand success or how to use positive thinking. There is a strong relationship between Goal Setting and Positive Thinking; mainly because that relationship leads directly to Goal Achievement.

It’s important for people to have goals and more important for people to believe they can achieve the goals they set. In order for you to achieve a goal, you must see the goal already being achieved…visualization! When you believe you can achieve your goal and you can visualize it with your mind, you can then materialize it!


Why is Setting Goals So Important

As humans, I believe we were all given the goal achieving ‘gene’; it may be in our DNA! From your first day on the planet to now, you’ve been setting goals and achieving results; you may not have been consciously setting goals but, you had goals.

Consider these,…crawling, standing, walking,…holding that thing! All of these early accomplishments were vitally important to your life. The importance early on was in achieving a result with no real thought to setting a goal. As a young child you probably never asked,…why is setting goals so important?

Well,…as time went on, life’s opportunities made it more important to consciously set goals and achieve them. For example,…

  • getting a good grade
  • making the team
  • getting your drivers permit

Can you remember how good you felt when you got your drivers permit?…good, right?! What I’m talking about here is,…it’s important to feel good; your accomplishment is something you achieve successfully! That’s why setting a goal is so important; it’s a feel good moment! So,…the importance of setting goals and achieving results is pinnacle in creating the life you want.

Now…something I’m gonna share with you in a bit is, the concept of…Idealization, Visualization and Materialization.

Goals are created…beginning with Idealization or, thinking about what you want. So,…you think about it (idealization), you see it (visualization), and then you receive it (materialization).;goal creation. More on that trio later…


How to Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

A very important mental faculty is a Positive Mental Attitude,…I’m sure you’re well aware of this; how to maintain a positive mental attitude is definitely work; but,…the payoff is enormous!

What you may not be aware of is the regenerative feedback a positive attitude has on goal setting. Regenerative Feedback is a term more commonly understood in reference to an electronic circuit, which is,…”the process of coupling a portion of an output signal back to the input of an amplifier”, increasing the gain (or, power) of the amplifier.

For example, when a goal is achieved,…the process that was used to accomplish the goal was obviously a positive process. So,…when this positive process is fed back into another goal set, the likelihood of a positive outcome is increased.

Your mind can not concentrate on a positive and negative thought at the same time; this is an important fact.

At any given moment, you’re either thinking a negative or a positive thought. Obviously, positive thoughts are always the preference and I’ll be sharing more about Positive Thinking but,…in the context of this heading, Importance of Positive Attitude and Goal Setting, a positive attitude is absolutely mandatory.

It’s imperative to maintain a positive attitude,…there is absolutely no other choice. Here are a few quotes about Positive Attitude…

“Never stop believing in the power of a positive attitude. You can achieve anything that you want in life!”
― Avijeet Das


Idealization, Visualization and Materialization

Charles F. Haanel wrote, in his book The Master Key System, “the power to create depends entirely upon spiritual power; there are three steps, idealization, visualization and materialization”.

The significance of this ‘creative mental triad’ should not be underestimated or altered; the sequence is in place for a specific reason. A famous quote by Napoleon Hill, from his book Think and Grow Rich, sums this concept up nicely…“What the mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve”; notice the word will…may, could, should, etc, were purposely avoided there.

Your mind WILL achieve a goal you set, as long as you task your mind to first conceive and  then,…believe it!

  • Idealization,…you must have a thought or an idea of what your goal is, what are you shooting for?…is it money, a home, a car, a job? Be very clear on what you want; you’re creating.
  • Visualization,…see the thing you want in you ‘minds eye’; learn to visualize your goal so intently that you begin to believe you’ve actually achieved it.
  • Materialization,…create your goal; make it real. Act as if you already live in the home, you already drive the car, you already work where you want.

Idealization and Thought Creation

Idealization is…existing only in the imagination; not yet real or actual. Idealization is the first of the three faculties because it is the spark for your goal. It has such a powerful result yet such a simple start. All you need is a pen, paper, and some spare time. Idealization requires that you look at every area of your life and decide on the ideal outcomes that you want. In other words, if everything were perfect in all areas of your life, what would they look like?

What would you be doing? Where would you be living? How much money would be in your bank account?

Practice idealization! Dream a little! Come on,…treat yourself! If there were no limits placed on your life and all your time was yours to spend, what would you do, have, or be? More??…you have an abundance of money, more than you’ve ever imagined; what to do with it? Buy your dream car, take a trip to Australia, give a ton to your favorite charities, help your community fund projects?

Whatever your spark is, make up a dream list; for yourself, your personal life and others you want to help. Remember,…this is a dream list so, you have no limitations. Write down all the things you would have and do.

Create an ideal vision of your future, make your life perfect in every way!

Visualization Techniques for Goal Setting

Visualization is… the formation of a mental image of something. Now,…let’s break that definition down:

  • Formation…is the process of bringing together
  • Mental Image…a picture of something not present that is produced by your imagination
  • Something…a thing that is unspecified or unknown

If you think about it, you’ve probably visualized one thing or another many times during your life; in it came and out it went. If you’re anything like me, visualization techniques for goal setting never really crossed my mind until I was introduced to visualization as an older adult; up until then I thought I was daydreaming.

Now,…you may have had a thought, or idea, and said…”what if there was a widget that did this or that”? Then, a while later…a day, a week or more…then, BAM!; there it is!…your widget!…someone invented your widget. I bet you said…”I thought of that first!”

The Visualization Techniques for Goal Setting I want to share with you are tools you can use to retain the images your subconscious mind gives you or the images your conscious mind creates; mental pictures of what you may want, need or desire.

  • Photograph yourself with your goal. New car, a picture of yourself sitting in the drivers set of your dream car; trip to Paris, cut out and place a picture of yourself on a picture of the Eiffel Tower; money, take a picture of your favorite bill or, bag-o-money! Now,…look at your picture for 15-30 seconds, close your eyes and picture your goal. Increase the viewing time by 15 seconds and repeat.
  • Write your goal on a 3×5 card. Write a brief but concise representation of your goal on a few 3×5 goal cards and have them laminated. Put one in your pocket, by your bed, in your vehicle. Read (with emotion!) your goal card aloud every morning when you wake, several times throughout the day, and right before you go to bed.
  • Make a vision board. This vision board can be a poster board, a foam board, a piece of cardboard, or anything similar; a photo album will even do the trick as a vision book! Get pictures, word clippings, quotes…anything meaningful that illustrates your want, need or desire; put them on the vision board or inside the book and look at them often during your day.


Materialization is…the creation or appearance of matter from unknown sources.

Matter may be transformed from an abstract or virtual beginning (visualizing your dream car for instance) into something that is concrete or tangible (having your dream car in your driveway).

Every person in this world wants something, even you. I bet you’ve heard, “I wish I had…” at least once a week, if not more. Few people receive these wishes, and why? The answer is simple. Because they do not believe they can have it. They do not take the time to materialize, or manifest, it.

You, and only you, have the power to materialize anything you want. However, you must first understand why you have this ability, and then how you can make it work for you.

Your mind, in reality, can create everything you may want. Your emotion though, provides the energy that causes weak desires to become strong enough to rally the Mental Force to become Powerful enough to actually get whatever it is you wish to have.

Materializing is a power everyone has; it has been with you your whole life. Everyone is connected to the universe through a higher power. Once you know how to connect to this high power source, you can materialize anything your heart desires. The process is not a difficult one to learn, but it does require both patience and diligence.

Here are some points of interest that will be helpful when implementing the power of materialization…

  • Slow Down and Relax – begin taking slower breaths, move a bit slower, don’t rush; eat slower speak in a calmer voice
  • Meditate – clear your mind, gain control over it, close your eyes, focus on your breath, concentrate on desires without distraction
  • Create – form an image of what you want in your mind, close your eyes and see it
  • Trust It Is Yours – trust the Universe with your desires, release all doubt, fear and anxiety
  • Focus Without Attachment – think of your desire with only positive thoughts, focus on love, respect and positive thoughts
  • Believe – what you’ve asked for is already yours, believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, faith is necessary when it comes to manifesting
  • Feel It Is Yours – think about the object you desire and feel as if it is already yours, repeat this numerous times throughout the day
  • Give Thanks – give thanks ahead of time for what you want and keep in the present tense, do this often to show gratitude

Materializing the things you want is not as difficult as one might believe it to be. Once you take yourself through these steps once or twice, you will be a pro, and will soon find yourself manifesting more than you ever thought possible.


Keep Your Motor Running! Get Busy and Achieve!

Now that you have the formula, put it to work for you. Hone in on the basics and practice! Yes, that’s right…practice! These goal setting techniques using visualization need practice, just like driving or catching a baseball.

10 thoughts on “Visualization Goal Setting – Conceive, Believe, Receive!”


This is excellent advice! I like the idea of the positivity helping achieve goals. Do you think it is because if you visualize it you are more confident, thus more successful? Or is the opposite true, the negative thinking, whether conscious or subconsciously, causes you to not try as hard and pretty much making you fail? Very interesting how the human mind works!


    Thank you for comment! It is definitely because visualization promotes confidence. You see, when you’re visualizing you’re using your imagination; you’re already in possession of your goal. The key is believing you’ve already achieved your goal; we did it as kids, we just need to remember how to use our imagination 😊


I always wanted to get off my debts and become financially free. Several times I tried, but I failed and often ending up back to square one. Now that I have stumbled upon this blog post of yours on Visualization Goal Setting, I think I have to try your suggestions here. If I apply all your suggestions here, in your rough estimate, when will I see positive results? Will it take more than 6 months? I’m running out of time as I am turning 40 in the next six months. I want to become a millionaire before I turn 40.


    Thank you for your comment! First of all, I want you to write out a positive affirmation right now that’s starts out exactly like this…
    I am so happy and grateful now that…(fill in you desire here, with a date).

    For example…I am so happy and grateful now that I have $1,000,000 in my bank account by May 31, 2020.

    Write out your goal affirmation on a 3×5 card and carry it with you at all times (I laminated mine), say it out loud several times a day.

    Now,… you need to already see yourself as having the million, act as you have it, see your bank account statement with the million deposited. Actually, get you last bank statement…print it out and write out you actual balance and write in $1,000,000…copy the new statement a few times and put in on you bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, your car… wherever you need it to be.

    Share your affirmation with me when you have it, you need to believe this before you achieve .


Goal setting is so important. If I don’t have a goal to strive towards, I begin to feel empty … Why is that? Is that the same for most people? I have to agree with you that to maintain a positive mental attitude is definitely work. Oh yes, it is, but the results are worth it, and keeping that positive attitude while you work towards your goals is also good for your spirit, good for yourself. 

You ask some good questions when you explain idealization. They made me think, and some of the answers can be surprising. I like the tips you provide at the end of your article. I will definitely bookmark your page and use your tips for me.

Thanks for a great article!


    Thanks for your comment! I think some people feel empty if they’re not striving for something is because we’re actually creative beings…we’re ‘designed’ to create; when we’re not in a creative state, we feel ‘out of sorts’ or empty. If you stay in a creative state of mind, you’ll never feel empty😊



This is a very insightful article about visualization and achieving goals. I loved the idea of visualizing ourselves already living in our dream. It is really motivating for us to work towards our goals. As you have mentioned, I too believe too much wishing and imagining is just daydreaming and it won’t help achieving our goals. But that’s totally different from the actual effects of clear visualization.

Having a positive mindset is really important to work hard towards our goal. At the same time I think we should not doubt ourselves. If we doubt about our goals or the way we are going to achieve them, we are only getting distracted and slowing down. So I think we should continue to move forward without doubting our path. Let me know what you think about self doubt when achieving a goal. I really need some motivation at the moment. 🙂


    Thank you for your comment. Self doubt needs to be immediately replaced by self control; control over what you’re thinking about. Replace the thoughts of doubt with thoughts of ‘seeing’ success and positive results of your goal.


GREAT article! Whatever the mind can conceive and the heart can believe you WILL achieve. I have been a fan of the positive mental attitude school of thought since I first read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ in my teens It has helped me immensely through my years in sales and marketing, and helped me realize my goals of starting several successful businesses. One thing to note when it comes to writing down your goals on those cards, is to write it as if it is already accomplished. I.E. – “I HAVE $200,000 in the bank and an unlimited credit line” Vs. “I will have…” Or, “I own a new RED Ferrari GT and a Black Tesla Sport coupe.” (Making your dreams or goals precise helps you manifest them!) Excellent post! ~ Robb

    Joseph Tomaselli

    Thanks Robb!
    Yes, I totally agree. All my affirmation are in the present tense as if I already have or received my goal or desire. I’ve been studying several books including the one you mentioned, Think and Grow Rich. Some are…As A Man Thinketh, Master Key System, Science of Getting Rich…to name a few. I’m committed to this school of thought and I’m witnessing the results spiritually and monetarily; it’s very real. Thanks again!…Joe

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